. . . down the dusty road.

Ten lepers, the outcasts of society doomed to cry, “Unclean, unclean,” wandered in despair, until hope broke over the horizon and walked down the dusty road. All ten healed by the Master’s touch — miraculously healed. Yet, only one turned back to give thanks. Only one. Overjoyed, nine turned their backs and ran toward the shadow of a life they once knew. Only one turned back to praise Him. Only one.

Plagued with an issue of blood for twelve long years, doctors gave her no hope and society shunned her. She heard of a healer coming down the dusty road into town, the crowd push in around Him, his closest pushed back. She, taking her life in her hands crawled through the tangled masses and touched just the hem of His garment. Withn the throngs that came that day, she was one that recognized He was the only way. Her only way to healing, her dusty road to life. He was her only hope.

Food was being prepared and the finishing touches applied. Everything had to be perfect. Just Perfect. Guests arrived dusty from the road and Martha was swamped — frazzled to be exact. Things were not going as she had envisioned. And where was that sister of hers. Mary! She should be serving! How dare she sit in a room filled with men at His feet! At the feet of Jesus. Humph! Scandalous!

I say, "Be the one to turn around on the dusty road and praise Him for healing. Be the one to push through the crowd just for the chance to touch the hem. Be the one that does not worry about the dishes and the dinner party and allow the King of glory to sit in your living room — ignored . . . but is the one that has “chosen that good part. . .”'

I say, "Just be the one."

This Thanksgiving be the one to give thanks to the Lord for all He has blessed you with this year. If nothing else, you are still breathing — hello. Now, that’s something to shout about right there. Be the one to take time and thank others. Be the one to be Jesus, to someone along the dusty road.

I would like to give a special thanks to my pastor, Pastor Troy Evrin for preaching the sermon series entitled “Be The One.” Thank you for your obedience and dedication — "Love you pastor."  I am inspired to be the one to praise, worship and give thanks to The One — Jesus.

Oh, and be the one to write. Write your thoughts, feelings, a note to someone, a letter, email — something. Anything. Write in a journal. Write down your dreams, your hopes, wants, desires, your hurt, pain . . . all of it. Write a blog, write a book, just write. The good, the bad and the ugly. Whatever comes down the dusty road — write about it all, because that’s what writers do . . . we write.

Happy Thanksgiving. Be the one to keep on doing the write thing children,




Mary R said...

Awesome. I feel inspired. I'm glad I read your post. There are so many I could and should write to. Even journaling my thoughts. I'm going to do that now.

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