Yes. This happened today.

After thirteen years of work, I am a published author. Do I feel different? Yes. Yes I do.
You betcha. I'm shocked, excited, a little scared, because, now what — right. Did I say excited, as in woo hoo! If not, I should say WOO HOO, really really loud right now. Sorry.
The fun happened. I became an author.
The thing is . . . I’m still me. The same me that woke up this morning thankful I woke up this morning. However, today I’m an author and in the big scheme of things, that has to mean something. I know it meant a lot of hard work throughout the years.
I made the jump from writer to author in a matter of moments. When the presses fell silent and they carefully packed the last book in the box to ship something incredible happened.
And I wanted to share the news.
Keep on doing the write thing children,
The Unseen will available through and

The Unseen

Lilly and her friends, Hannah and Erin encounter the Spirit realm. Consequently, worlds collide. Spiritual warfare becomes a reality when an unseen enemy stalks and attacks determined to steal their destinies and ultimately destroy them. Through adversity and trial, warriors ablaze sealed with the fire of God are born.


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