A Rose by Any Other Name is a . . . Book title?!

Question? How is it possible to write an entire book, and get writers block when it comes to naming the book? That’s like carrying a baby for nine months, giving birth, then having no clue, what to call it except baby, or in this case, the Book.
What constitutes a good book title? Does the book title come before the book is written or after? You know, kind of like, what came first the chicken or the egg? It’s true that a good title will catch the eye. Sometimes it is what makes us stop and reach for the book on the shelf in the first place. The title  It’s a powerful thing. The title certainly sets the tone. Like the opening line, the first five pages, or the ending, it has to be just right. I’m just saying, a child’s book about fluffy bunnies called THE EDGE OF EVIL not good. Unless the bunnies were possessed by a supernatural power, and it wasn’t a children’s book at all, but I digress. That’s just some food for thought.
There is a lot that goes into naming a book and then in the end, the publisher will probably change it anyway. Still, we need to call it something besides “The Book” while we are working on it and patiently waiting to be published. I don’t have the answers. I’m searching for them, looking, listening, and praying. But nothing yet. I’ll let you know if I find the elusive answer. I vow next time I am going to name my baby I mean my book, before I start writing it not after I’ve finished.
I am still wrestling with a title I love for my first book. THE DARK SIDE OF “GRACE” or JOURNEY’S EDGE  you choose your favorite. In the meantime, I am hoping to write a right title for my next novel. I’m hoping you do the same.
P. S. I’m still working on my commas and other dreaded grammar enemies. Check out Whitesmoke Writing software, it double checks your sentence structure and grammar for you. The link is http://www.whitesmoke.com/ A thank you shout-out is in order going to T. Rommel Blossom from the Write On Con writer's conference. Thanks for the tip!

Keep doing the write thing children,


Commas . . . Take two and call me in the morning??

So, I have decided to go to “comma” school. I have prayed and prayed for comma wisdom. I have fought comma demons and secretly wished for comma fairies — all to no avail. Finally, I prayed for comma angels to come, simply gather all my commas in baskets, and sprinkle them as needed throughout my manuscript.
Maybe I need a comma doctor to prescribe commas. You know the same way a regular doctor prescribes medicine . . . take two and call me in the morning or apply liberally to affected area. I cried out in the darkness, “Help me I’m comma-ing and I can’t stop.”
 A friend gave me Diana Hacker’s, A Writer’s Reference. I thought, eureka! Now I can conquer the comma dilemma. However, alas and to my dismay, that would not be the case. While this is an awesome reference book, it seems overwhelming. I felt myself flunking “comma” school and F7on my trusty Sony VAIO was of no help.
I was good in English class in school . . . at least I thought I was good. Yes, my sister was better, she was better at everything it seemed, but I got good grades. I felt panic as I continued to make more and more comma mistakes, unable to figure it out. William Struck, Jr’s The Element of Style talked me off the edge long enough to get a cup of coffee and take a deep breath.
Which leads me to say . . . there are so many different opinions on where a comma is to be placed it is no wonder I am confused. However, there are strict rules. Several well-meaning friends said that I should be placing commas where I would naturally need to take a breath. Well, at certain parts of my book, I was so excited and in the “zone” I would be writing furiously (thus, breathing heavier.) Also, I have asthma, if I was having asthma issues, well — enough said. (I think there might be too many commas in that last little sentence. What do you think?)
Anyway, I have said all of that, to say all of this, a good editor is priceless. Priceless. A critique group is also priceless. Anytime you can get good feedback, take it. Suck it up let someone tell you where that evil comma goes! Or doesn’t. And, I do wish I had paid more attention while I was in school.
So, to comma or not to comma that is the question. I say it is better to keep writing a right first sentence, an awesome ending or finding just the right word you were looking for . . . you know the one I mean, than to stop the creative process over a “,” — comma. That is until, the final edit. Humm, that sounds like a good book title . . . “The Final Edit.” I may just use that someday. I think I’ll put that on my title list.
Keep doing the write thing children,

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